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#feq Operator

Provides feq operator for clean fuzzy string comparisons.

Includes a precanned wrapper for Text::Levenshtein::Damerau (the wrapper uses just the Levenshtein algorithm by default)


##Out of the Box™

use Operator::feq;

if '1234567890' feq '1234567899' {
  'I\'m here!'.say;

if '12345' feq '123' {
  'I don\'t get here'.say;

#I'm here!

See the tests for an example of how to extend/create custom comparison routines.



Defaults: Text::Levenshtein::Damerau

Set this dynamic variable to control which library 'feq' uses


Defaults: 0.10 # 10%

Set this dynamic variable to control the threshold for the matching. Setting this variable to 0 will always cause feq to return False. Conversely, a value of 1 will always return True.

#Credit Cards


Nick Logan <ugexe>