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Tony Narlock's CV (React)

This single page application (SPA) using React

Everything is tied together via webpack.

Install and build

Prerequisites: To build, ensure you have node + yarn installed.

Development: $ yarn, $ npm start, and go to http://localhost:3000


  • based off create-react-app

    rationale: the webpack configuration was set to run in development mode, and build producation binaries with relative no added effort.

    it's not much different than what most Vue.js devs would arrive at if they built a layout / webpack config themselves.

    On 2018-02-13, 6ed6bc6 ejected create-react-app. For two reasons:

    1. By default, npm run build would fail minification when accessing the ES6+ code in lib/storage.js. In order for babel to correctly handle the packages symlinked from the parent directory (via yarn workspaces), the package names need to be mapped via require.resolve.
    2. lib/ aka cv-lib also has static files such as images and CSS to include.

    Both of the above require modifying the webpack config manually. So npm run eject was ran to split the webpack files and package dependenies out.

  • moment.js: nice, human readable dates and times

Code decisions and rationale

  • Why React.js and not Vue.js?

    React.js has more activity (by far), potential mobile output.

    My hypothesis is the renders could be faster, and binaries produced smaller. This is what I hope to test during this.

  • Dates scaped in are in ISO-8601 format, which is compatible with moment.js. So something like 2010-12-30 is valid.