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Tony Narlock's CV (Vue.js)

This single page application (SPA) uses Vue.js, ES6, and vuex as a global data singleton, and a as well as Single File Components.

Everything is tied together via webpack.

Install and build

Prerequisites: To build, ensure you have node + yarn installed.

Development: $ yarn, $ npm run dev, and go to http://localhost:8080


  • based off vue-cli

    rationale: the webpack configuration was set to run in development mode, and build producation binaries with relative no added effort.

    it's not much different than what most Vue devs would arrive at if they built a layout / webpack config themselves.

  • moment.js: nice, human readable dates and times

Code decisions and rationale

  • Why Vue.js and not react / redux?

    (There is a React version /react/)

    Both are good. Vue.js is a lot simpler. There's less libraries to worry about. But if the data was any more complex, a solution like react and stuff may be needed.

  • Since the items follow the same container format and styling, the components/Row.vue is used as a named slot

    This is used with Patch, which uses slows for the Row component.

  • Dates scaped in are in ISO-8601 format, which is compatible with moment.js. So something like 2010-12-30 is valid.

Reactivity and performance considerations

Moving forward

With GitHub's new API, it may be lot easier to reintroduce live browser queries to API.

Re: Optimizing getters/reducers

The code to filter (as of 2018-02-01) is not efficient. I don't intend on optimizing or restructuring the data until the very end when the structures are set in stone. Refactoring data structures and flow is costly, and the only real way to test someone's chops in this respect is in the final stages. A wise programmer isn't going to try to play a prophet and guess what the data layout will be like in early stages, premature optimization is the root of all evil.