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Example scrotwm config file (.scrotwm.conf). Includes .conkyrc file for status bar. New config at
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Tony Narlock's scrotwm configuration

Version: scrotwm 0.9.23

For use with conky-cli (Conky compiled without X) Includes conky command line file.


  • git clone ~/.scrotwm-tony
  • ln -s ~/.scrotwm-tony/.scrotwm.conf ~/.scrotwm.conf && ln -s ~/.scrotwm-tony/.conkyrc ~/.conkyrc


Terminus is a crisp font pleasant to the eyes.

  • FreeBSD: cd /usr/ports/x11-fonts/terminus-font/ && make install clean or pkg_add -r terminus-font
  • ArchLinux: pacman -S terminus-font
  • Debian / Ubuntu: apt-get install xfonts-terminus
  • Gentoo: emerge -av media-fonts/terminus-font
  • Fedora / CentOS / Redhat: yum install terminus-fonts
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