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[Enhancement]: Add another task to tmuxp to generate sample config file #24

lowks opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Can you add a task to tmuxp to generate a sample config file, the use case is as follows:

  1. tmuxp generate edit

  2. next tmuxp will ask Save as .{json/yaml} [y/n] ?

The sample is just a very simple say two column config which users can start on. This will help speed up users which are new to tmuxp.


@lowks Good idea, this would be very helpful to have.

I have a two-pronged approach for this:

I am considering JS making a widget on the Readthedocs that helps the user build a YAML or JSON via a visual interface.

I could also make a wizard to assist in creating a boilerplate config.

Would something like this be better ?

$ tmuxp wizard

JSON or YAML? [json, yaml]

>>> yaml

Session name?

>>> my session

session_name: my session

Create a window? [y]

>>> y

Window name:

>>> my window

For Window 'my window', will have a default directory? [dir, n]

>>> ~/mydir

How many panes will it have? [1-9999] (To keep it simple, we can fill the windows with ``-pane`` in the place holders.)

>>> 91

Create another window? [y/n]

Save to: ~/.tmuxp/session-name.yaml?

Open in ``$ EDITOR``? [y,n]

Or you could just check for the existence of config files upon running and if they are not there then just copy over the template files. I know this sorta flies against what I initially thought, but the reasoning is that if a user just installed tmuxp the first time he might not know all of the terminology for the settings. I think that your documentation where you provide sample pics of what the settings do is very good.


@lowks When running tmuxp, before creation of the ~/.tmuxp folder, we can offer to copy example configurations to the user's tmuxp directory.

  • example1.json
  • example2.yaml

Copy an example json and a yaml config into the user's config folder. How about that?

@tony tony was assigned
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