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:arrow_down_small: mass update git, hg and svn repos simultaneously from YAML / JSON file.
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vcspull - manage your git, mercurial and svn repositories via CLI. Configure via JSON / YAML config files.

Python Package Documentation Status Build Status Code Coverage License

Above: Run svn update, git pull, hg pull && hg update en masse.

Sync multiple git, mercurial and subversion repositories via a YAML / JSON file.

See the Quickstart to jump in. Or see an example .vcspull.yaml.

Command line Usage

Create a .vcspull.yaml:

    "flask": "git+"

Clone and update your repositories at any time:

$ vcspull

Have a lot of projects? Use arguments to clone / update what you need.

$ vcspull flask

Use fnmatch:

# any repo starting with "fla"
$ vcspull "fla*"

# inside of a directory with "co" anywhere, on github.
$ vcspull -d "*co*" -r "**" "fla*"

Python API Usage

In [1]: from vcspull.repo import Repo

In [2]: r = Repo(url='git+', cwd='/tmp/',

In [3]: r.update_repo()
|vim-config| (git)  Repo directory for vim-config (git) does not exist @ /tmp/vim-config
|vim-config| (git)  Cloning.
|vim-config| (git)  git clone --progress /tmp/vim-config
Cloning into '/tmp/vim-config'...
Checking connectivity... done.
|vim-config| (git)  git fetch
|vim-config| (git)  git pull
Already up-to-date.

More information

Python support Python 2.7, >= 3.3
VCS supported git(1), svn(1), hg(1)
Config formats YAML, JSON, python dict
Test Coverage
Open Hub
License BSD.
git repo
$ git clone
install dev
$ git clone vcspull
$ cd ./vcspull
$ virtualenv .env
$ source .env/bin/activate
$ pip install -e .
$ python ./
$ vcspull
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