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Discontinued virtual desktop manager for Apple’s Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger".
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VirtueDesktops is a virtual desktop manager for Apple's Mac OS X "Tiger" operating system. It is based upon the work done by Rich Wareham on DesktopManager (specifically the CGSPrivate headers), which is an alternate open-source virtual desktop application. VirtueDesktops includes a small amount of Rich's code from DesktopManager, which means that presently it is licensed under the GPL.

Below are some of the key features of VirtueDesktops.

  • Virtual screens: an unlimited number of virtual screens at your disposal
  • Eye candy: exciting transitions and window fading
  • Universal binary: runs at full speed on your shiny new intel-based mac
  • AppleScript-able: script your desktop experience
  • Unobtrusive: VirtueDesktops does not clutter your desktop - it gets in, switches your virtual screen and then quietly hides itself, waiting for your next request
  • Extensible: install plugins to add additional features
  • Exposé: works well with Apple's Exposé
  • Keeps you informed: notifications and current desktop display orient you as you work across multiple virtual screens
  • "Stick-ify" your windows or applications: Make your windows and applications visible across all of your virtual screens

This is an archive

Sadly, VirtueDesktops is no longer under active development. I'm making the source available here so that anyone who wishes to continue to the project can do so with a minimum of fuss. You're welcome to contact me for information about the implementation, or general source questions, but I no longer support the application itself.

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