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Linus Torvalds torvalds

Linux Foundation Portland, OR

Daniel Roy Greenfeld pydanny

Husband of @audreyr ๐Ÿ’˜ Co-Author of Two Scoops of Django, open source developer, former NASA engineer

Cartwheel Web Los Angeles, California, USA

David Cramer dcramer

founder/ceo @getsentry

Sentry San Francisco, CA

Armin Ronacher mitsuhiko

Software developer and Open Source nut. Creator of the Flask framework. Contributing to @getsentry and running @pallets and @lektor


Jeff Forcier bitprophet

Developer/sysadmin. Maintainer of fine Python automation tools. Tries balancing 'done right' & 'done on time'. Formerly @digitalpulp @whiskeymedia @urbanairship

@mlab Lafayette, CA

Alex Gaynor alex

I program computers. Currently working @usds in Washington DC and opening up some sources in my free time.

United States Digital Service Washington D.C.