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Adz is looking for:

  1. Save button enabled only once the user has changed something
  2. alert user on navigate away with unsaved changes
  3. delete query popup

1 and 2 are related in that they both need to track changes.

Issues & maybe solutions

Tracking changes

Conceptual problems

BSE redisplays the form with entries from the user on validation errors, so in fact the value are conceptually changed from what the system has, but the form tool has no way to tell that.

But given the values are invalid, the user will need to make a change to proceed anyway.

Another but, they may change values to match the values the back end has stored,so we'll be allowing a Save that does no actual work, and prompt the user about losing changes that make no actualy change.

Individual fields

JS doesn't notify us on every little change, but we need to