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Revision history for Perl extension Imager::Graph.
Imager-Graph 0.12 - 12 May 2015
- increase tolerances on images with filled circles drawn on them to
account for the circle drawing change in Imager 1.002.
Imager-Graph 0.11 - 30 Jun 2014
- POD fixes based on a report from Stefan Limbache, and also reported
by Slaven Rezić after I failed to do a release.
Imager-Graph 0.10 - 7 May 2012
- loosen up image comparisons - the rounding change in Imager 0.90
made small changes to many pixels in fountain fills
It should fix the following too.
- negative_bg (or set via set_negative_background()) can now be a
- calculation of the zero position for horizontal charts was broken,
this resulted charts with negative data values having the
negative_bg color filled from the left side of the chart off the
right side of the image.
- Imager::Graph now requires at least perl 5.6.
- hoisted the common cmpimg() function into a separate test module
- convert shipped comparison images from ppm to png to reduce size
Imager-Graph 0.09 - 05 Aug 2010
Bug fixes:
- refresh the t10_lin_fount test image
- avoid use_automatic_axis() for the second area test, since systems
without Chart::Math::Axis will produce a different image.
Imager-Graph 0.08 - 03 Aug 2010
Now depends on Imager 0.75.
More cool changes from Patrick Michaud:
- Area charts
Other changes:
- horizonal_gridlines (vertical charts) and vertical_gridlines
(horizontal charts) are now features and can be enabled like other
features (or disabled)
- hoisted the dashed-line drawing into Imager::Graph::_line() and
added a _get_line() method to retrieve line style information.
- features enabled earlier in the style list can now be disabled with
a feature "no{stylename}" when features are supplied as an arrayref
or scalar. eg. "nograph_outline". If you supply features as a hashref
you can disable a feature with:
{ stylename => 0 }
- for vertical and horizontal charts, allow the outline of the graph
area (graph_outline) to be disabled (with nograph_outline in
features.) or styled (graph.outline)
- for vertical and horizontal charts, allow the fill of the graph
area to be controlled separately from the base bg (graph.fill)
- tests
Bug fixes:
- generate y-axis tic-label widths baed on the labels actually used.
- make draw() idempotent for vertical charts
- multiple calls to draw() no longer return the same image object
- labels supplied to draw() are now used for vertical and horizontal
- Imager::Graph::Horizontal::add_column_data_series() renamed to
add_bar_data_series() and now adds the series as a "bar" series.
add_column_data_series() did nothing useful for a horizontal chart.
Imager-Graph 0.07 - 21 May 2009
Lots of cool changes from Patrick Michaud:
- added Bar, Column. StackedColumn and Line charts. [*]
- new ocean style
- new ocean_flat style
- methods to set chart style attributes, in addition to the style
parameters passed to draw().
Bug fixes:
- missing a font parameter when we have a chart with text no longer
results in an exception, but in a false returned and a message in
error() as with other errors.
- the mono style now disables anti-aliasing by default
[*] this was the oldest open bug on, now #7 is, still an
Imager-Graph issue
Imager-Graph 0.06 - 21 April 2008
- Removed ancient Imager cruft from the documentation
- round the dimensions used within the legend to integers to prevent
later truncation from causing uneven output.
- add horizontal legend boxes
- add a new style "primary" which is primary_red with a light grey
background, and made that the default, so the default graphs aren't
quite so ugly.
- zero-sized segments were drawn as covering the whole pie. Skip
drawing zero sized segments.
- round the pie radius down to avoid running over the edge of the
- changed the pie maxsegments default to 0.01 from 0.05
- removed the obsolete pie blur style information
- documented some of the pie chart specific style settings
- changed the default drop shadow style to a translucent fill so the
background can show through.
Imager-Graph 0.05 - 17 December 2007
This release is an attempt to work around the inconsistent text output
- created Imager::Font::Test which simply outputs boxes instead of
text to produce consistent graph images for comparison.
Imager-Graph 0.04 - 11 December 2007
This is a clean up release, removing code required for ancient
releases of Imager, and otherwise modernizing the code.
- skip all tests if we can't load the font
- Save test results to ppm, so we can generate images even if we don't
have PNG support in Imager.
- instead of the old draw-no-aa-then-blur-the-result hack, we now use
arc()'s aa option
- tests now use Test::More
- remove the old circle fudge hack, since Imager fixed arc fills a
while ago
- strictify Makefile.PL, include the LICENSE, use the correct version
check for including the extra WriteMakefile keys
- various changes for Kwalitee
- remove fancy_fills check, we now depend on an Imager release that
supports fountain fills.
Imager-Graph 0.02 Sat Oct 6 20:36:31 2001
- replace ImUgly.ttf with a new version where % renders on my older PC
- remove some old test code that printed the Imager version
- moved into local CVS to simplify cross-platform tests
Imager-Graph 0.01 Tue Sep 12 23:03:25 2001
- original version; created by h2xs 1.19
- can draw some nice pie graphs