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=head1 NAME
TODO - other things to be done for Imager::Graph
=item *
other graph types
=item *
better scaling support in the default styles
=item *
some sort of support for handling rounding issues nicely, eg. if the
user supplies 3 equal values then the percentages shown all be "33%"
which doesn't add up to 100%. I'm not sure what can be done about
that though.
=item *
better space management - the current blocking system is a bit crude
(low priority). This would probably require some iterative method of
checking for overlaps for different graph elements rather than
blocking down to a box.
=item *
shortcuts for fountain fill segments, ie. instead of having to call:
Imager::Fountain->simple(positions=>[0, 1],
colors=>[ NC('000000'), NC('FFFFF') ])
allow the entry to contain:
segments=>[ '000000', 'FFFFFF' ]
or even more colors, and provide positions equally spaced from 0 to 1.
=item *
popped out segments (pie charts)
=item *
backgrounds for pie labels
=item *
backgrounds for pie callouts
=item *
break up Imager::Graph::Pie::draw() - too big
=item *
implement label.hpad and label.vpad
=item *
some way to get to the layout of the data, eg. so the user can build
an image map, or possibly an image map generator.
=item *
handle small segments in the pie by making the leaders non-radial
=item *
move more construction to the constructor
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