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#!perl -w
use strict;
use Test::More tests => 9;
use Imager;
use Imager::Test qw(test_image);
-d "testout" or mkdir "testout";
Imager->open_log(log => "testout/t30fixed.log");
# RT 67912
# previously, if you tried to write a paletted image to GIF:
# - specified a fixed palette with make_colors => "mono", "web" or "none"
# - there was room for the colors in the image in the rest of the
# palette (or they were found in the generated palette)
# the GIF would be written with essentially it's original palette
# instead of the specified palette
# This was confusing, especially if you specified a restricted
# palette such as mono or a small greyscale ramp
my $src = test_image();
ok($src, "make source image");
my $pal = $src->to_paletted(max_colors => 250);
ok($pal, "make paletted version");
cmp_ok($pal->colorcount, "<=", 250, "make sure not too many colors");
my $mono = $src->to_paletted(make_colors => "mono", translate => "errdiff");
ok($mono, "make mono image directly");
ok($mono->write(file => "testout/t30monodirect.gif", type => "gif"),
"save mono direct image");
Imager->log("Save manually paletted version\n");
ok($pal->write(file => "testout/t30color.gif"),
"save generated palette version");
Imager->log("Save mono version\n");
ok($pal->write(file => "testout/t30monoind.gif", type => "gif",
make_colors => "mono", translate => "errdiff"),
"write paletted with mono colormap");
my $rd = Imager->new(file => "testout/t30monoind.gif", type => "gif");
ok($rd, "read it back in");
is($rd->colorcount, 2, "should only have 2 colors");
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