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Imager 0.45 has been released and will soon be available on all CPAN
This is primarily a bug-fix release. The following issues have been
- the dynamic filters Makefile would fail after everything had been
built on Win32
- the correct error messages are now produced for Freetype 2.0 errors
- multiple master fonts are now supported by the freetype 2 driver
- we now attempt to use freetype-config and pkg-config when probing
for and configuring freetype 2.
- we now attempt to use pkg-config when probing for and configuring
- we don't accept a directory indicating freetype 2.x headers as a
freetype 1.x installation any more
- reading a TGA image with a long (>127) idstring would result in an
allocation error.
- calling the read() method for a format supported by Imager but not
supported by the current build (eg. reading a JPEG without libjpeg
installed when Imager was built) no longer crashes with an undefined
function error.
- the i_glin() XS code wasn't copying the returned colors back correctly
- the right-side bearing calculated for freetype2.x wasn't scaled from
a fixed point number to an integer, this would cause pos_width() to
be much luarger than was correct if the right-most character
overflowed the character box.
- saving a gradient file with Imager::Fountain->save() missed
outputting a space between the last 2 parameters of each segment.
- methods that work with an image and return a new image now warn when
called in void context.
- the Imager::Matrix2d rotate() method would only use the x and y
parameters if both were non-zero.
- the FT1.x driver ignored the align parameter.
Documentation changes:
- added a concept index for perldoc Imager
- more examples in Imager::Draw
- added examples to all filters in Imager::Filter
- many minor documentation fixes
New/improved features:
- Imager::Fountain can read newer GIMP gradient files containing NAME
- color names can now be used where color objects were required for
most filters.
- all font drivers now return an display_width() and right_bearing()
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