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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use CGI;
use Imager;
my $cgi = CGI->new;
my $color = $cgi->param('color');
defined $color or $color = '';
# Imager allows a number of different color specs, but keep this
# simple, only accept simple RRGGBB hex colors
my %errors;
# note that you need to perform validation here as well as in
# the form script, since the user can view image and manipulate the
# URL (or even fetch the URL using LWP and modify the request in any way
# they like.
# Since we're producing an image, we don't have a mechanism to
# report errors (unless we choose to draw text on an image), so
# just product a default image.
if (!defined $color || $color !~ /^[0-9a-f]{6}$/i) {
$color = '000000';
my $im = Imager->new(xsize=>40, ysize=>40);
$im->box(filled=>1, color=>$color);
# this will force the flushing of the headers, otherwise the server (and
# your web browser) may see the image data before the content type.
print "Content-Type: image/jpeg\n\n";
# use binmode to prevent LF expanding to CRLF on windows
binmode STDOUT;
# we have to supply the type of output since we haven't supplied a
# filename
$im->write(fd=>fileno(STDOUT), type=>'jpeg')
or die "Cannot write to stdout: ", $im->errstr;
=head1 NAME
samp-image.cgi - demonstrates interaction of HTML generation with image generation
This is the image generation program that samp-form.cgi uses to
generate the image.
See samp-form.cgi for more detail.
=head1 AUTHOR
Tony Cook <>
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