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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
#use lib qw(blib/lib blib/arch);
# Before `make install' is performed this script should be runnable with
# `make test'. After `make install' it should work as `perl'
######################### We start with some black magic to print on failure.
# Change 1..1 below to 1..last_test_to_print .
# (It may become useful if the test is moved to ./t subdirectory.)
use Test::More tests => 16;
BEGIN { use_ok('Imager') };
require Imager::Test;
-d "testout" or mkdir "testout";
Imager->open_log(log => "testout/t36oofont.log");
my $fontname_tt=$ENV{'TTFONTTEST'}||'./fontfiles/dodge.ttf';
my $green=Imager::Color->new(92,205,92,128);
die $Imager::ERRSTR unless $green;
my $red=Imager::Color->new(205, 92, 92, 255);
die $Imager::ERRSTR unless $red;
$Imager::formats{"tt"} && -f $fontname_tt
or skip("FT1.x missing or disabled", 14);
my $img=Imager->new(xsize=>300, ysize=>100) or die "$Imager::ERRSTR\n";
my $font=Imager::Font->new(file=>$fontname_tt,size=>25)
or die $img->{ERRSTR};
ok(1, "create TT font object");
ok($img->string(font=>$font, text=>"XMCLH", 'x'=>100, 'y'=>100),
"draw text");
$img->line(x1=>0, x2=>300, y1=>50, y2=>50, color=>$green);
my $text="LLySja";
my @bbox=$font->bounding_box(string=>$text, 'x'=>0, 'y'=>50);
is(@bbox, 8, "bbox list size");
$img->box(box=>\@bbox, color=>$green);
$text = pack("C*", 0x41, 0xE2, 0x80, 0x90, 0x41);
ok($img->string(font=>$font, text=>$text, 'x'=>100, 'y'=>50, utf8=>1),
"draw hand-encoded UTF8 text");
$] >= 5.006
or skip("perl too old for native utf8", 1);
eval q{$text = "A\x{2010}A"};
ok($img->string(font=>$font, text=>$text, 'x'=>200, 'y'=>50),
"draw native UTF8 text");
ok($img->write(file=>"testout/t36oofont2.ppm", type=>'pnm'),
"write t36oofont2.ppm")
or print "# ", $img->errstr,"\n";
ok($font->utf8, "make sure utf8 method returns true");
my $has_chars = $font->has_chars(string=>"\x01A");
is($has_chars, "\x00\x01", "has_chars scalar");
my @has_chars = $font->has_chars(string=>"\x01A");
ok(!$has_chars[0], "has_chars list 0");
ok($has_chars[1], "has_chars list 1");
{ # RT 71469
my $font1 = Imager::Font->new(file => $fontname_tt, type => "tt");
my $font2 = Imager::Font::Truetype->new(file => $fontname_tt);
for my $font ($font1, $font2) {
print "# ", join(",", $font->{color}->rgba), "\n";
my $im = Imager->new(xsize => 20, ysize => 20, channels => 4);
ok($im->string(text => "T", font => $font, y => 15),
"draw with default color")
or print "# ", $im->errstr, "\n";
my $work = Imager->new(xsize => 20, ysize => 20);
my $cmp = $work->copy;
$work->rubthrough(src => $im);
isnt_image($work, $cmp, "make sure something was drawn");
ok(1, "end");
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