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#!perl -w
# Each sub-module ships with our custom Devel::CheckLib, make sure
# they all match
use strict;
use Test::More;
my @subs = qw(FT2 GIF JPEG PNG T1 TIFF W32);
plan tests => 1 + @subs;
# load the base file
my $base = load("inc/Devel/");
ok($base, "Loaded base file");
for my $sub (@subs) {
my $data = load("$sub/inc/Devel/");
# I'd normally use is() here, but it's excessively noisy when
# comparing this size of data
ok(defined($data) && $data eq $base, "check $sub");
sub load {
my ($filename) = @_;
if (open my $f, "<", $filename) {
my $data = do { local $/; <$f> };
close $f;
return $data;
else {
diag "Cannot load $filename: $!\n";
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