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#!perl -w
use strict;
use Imager;
print "$0\n";
my @allfiles = (@ARGV) x 120;
my $srcdir = '.';
my %opts1 = (scalefactor=>.333334, qtype => 'mixing');
my %opts2 = (scalefactor=>.25, qtype => 'mixing');
my %exopts=();
for my $file (@allfiles) {
# print STDERR "reading $srcdir/$file\n";
my $img=Imager->new();
$img->read(file=>"$srcdir/$file") or die "error on \"$srcdir/$file\":
# print STDERR "making med_res_imager/$file\n";
my $scale=$img->scale(%opts1) or die "error on scale: ".$img->{ERRSTR};
# print STDERR "making icon_imager/$file\n";
my $scale2=$scale->scale(%opts2);
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