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#include "imager.h"
#include "regmach.h"
=head1 NAME
trans2.c - entry point for the general transformation engine
int width, height, channels;
struct rm_ops *ops;
int op_count;
double *n_regs;
int n_regs_count;
i_color *c_regs;
int c_regs_count;
i_img **in_imgs;
int in_imgs_count;
i_img *result = transform2(width, height, channels, ops, ops_count,
n_regs, n_regs_count, c_regs, c_regs_count,
in_imgs, in_imgs_count);
This (short) file implements the transform2() function, just iterating
over the image - most of the work is done in L<regmach.c>
i_img* i_transform2(int width, int height, int channels,
struct rm_op *ops, int ops_count,
double *n_regs, int n_regs_count,
i_color *c_regs, int c_regs_count,
i_img **in_imgs, int in_imgs_count)
i_img *new_img;
int x, y;
i_color val;
int i;
int need_images;
/* since the number of images is variable and the image numbers
for getp? are fixed, we can check them here instead of in the
register machine - this will help performance */
need_images = 0;
for (i = 0; i < ops_count; ++i) {
switch (ops[i].code) {
case rbc_getp1:
case rbc_getp2:
case rbc_getp3:
if (ops[i].code - rbc_getp1 + 1 > need_images) {
need_images = ops[i].code - rbc_getp1 + 1;
if (need_images > in_imgs_count) {
i_push_errorf(0, "not enough images, code requires %d, %d supplied",
need_images, in_imgs_count);
return NULL;
new_img = i_img_empty_ch(NULL, width, height, channels);
for (x = 0; x < width; ++x) {
for (y = 0; y < height; ++y) {
n_regs[0] = x;
n_regs[1] = y;
val = i_rm_run(ops, ops_count, n_regs, n_regs_count, c_regs, c_regs_count,
in_imgs, in_imgs_count);
i_ppix(new_img, x, y, &val);
return new_img;
=head1 AUTHOR
Tony Cook <>
=head1 SEE ALSO
Imager(3), regmach.c
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