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#include "imager.h"
#ifndef IMAGER_EXT_H
#define IMAGER_EXT_H
/* structures for passing data between Imager-plugin and the Imager-module */
typedef struct {
char *name;
void (*iptr)(void* ptr);
char *pcode;
} func_ptr;
typedef struct {
int (*getstr)(void *hv_t,char* key,char **store);
int (*getint)(void *hv_t,char *key,int *store);
int (*getdouble)(void *hv_t,char* key,double *store);
int (*getvoid)(void *hv_t,char* key,void **store);
int (*getobj)(void *hv_t,char* key,char* type,void **store);
} UTIL_table_t;
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