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#!perl -w
use strict;
use Config;
use ExtUtils::Manifest 'maniread';
my $make = $Config{make};
# if there's a way to make with profiling for a recursive build like
# Imager I don't see how
if (-f 'Makefile') {
system "$make clean";
system "cover -delete";
system "perl Makefile.PL --coverage"
and die;
system "$make 'OTHERLDFLAGS=-ftest-coverage -fprofile-arcs'"
and die;
system "$make test HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES=-MDevel::Cover";
# build gcov files
my $mani = maniread();
# split by directory
my %paths;
for my $filename (keys %$mani) {
next unless $filename =~ /\.(xs|c|im)$/;
if ($filename =~ m!^(\w+)/(\w+\.\w+)$!) {
push @{$paths{$1}}, $2;
else {
push @{$paths{''}}, $filename;
for my $path (keys %paths) {
if ($path) {
system "cd $path ; gcov @{$paths{$path}} ; cd ..";
else {
system "gcov @{$paths{$path}}";
my $dir = $path ? $path : '.';
for my $file (@{$paths{$path}}) {
system "gcov2perl $dir/$file.gcov";
my @dbs = "cover_db", map "$_/cover_db", grep $_, keys %paths;
system "cover @dbs";
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