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#!perl -w
use strict;
use lib '../t';
use Test::More tests => 8;
BEGIN { use_ok(Imager => qw(:default)); }
use Config;
use Imager::Test qw(test_image);
-d "testout" or mkdir "testout";
Imager->open_log(log => 'testout/t60dyntest.log');
my $img=Imager->new() || die "unable to create image object\n";
|| die "failed: ",$img->{ERRSTR},"\n";
my $plug='./dyntest.'.$Config{'so'};
ok(load_plugin($plug), "load plugin")
|| die "unable to load plugin: $Imager::ERRSTR\n";
my %hsh=(a=>35,b=>200,type=>'lin_stretch');
ok($img->filter(%hsh), "call filter");
|| die "error in write()\n";
ok(unload_plugin($plug), "unload plugin")
|| die "unable to unload plugin: $Imager::ERRSTR\n";
my $flines = "./flines.$Config{so}";
ok(load_plugin($flines), "load flines");
my $im = test_image();
ok($im->filter(type => "flines"), "do the flines test");
ok($im->write(file => "testout/flines.ppm"), "save flines result");
ok(unload_plugin($flines), "unload flines");
unlink "testout/linstretch.ppm";
unlink "testout/flines.ppm";
unlink "testout/t60dyntest.log";
rmdir "testout";
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