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#!perl -w
use strict;
use Test::More tests => 7;
BEGIN { use_ok('Imager::Expr') }
# only test this if Parse::RecDescent was loaded successfully
or skip("Imager::Expr::Infix not available", 6);
my $opts = {expr=>'z=0.8;return hsv(x/w*360,y/h,z)', variables=>[ qw(x y) ], constants=>{h=>100,w=>100}};
my $expr = Imager::Expr->new($opts);
ok($expr, "make infix expression")
or skip("Could not make infix expression", 5);
my $code = $expr->dumpcode();
my @code = split /\n/,$code;
#print $code;
ok($code[-1] =~ /:\s+ret/, "final op a ret");
ok(grep(/:\s+mult.*360/, @code), "mult by 360 found");
# strength reduction converts these to mults
#print grep(/:\s+div.*x/, @code) ? "ok 5\n" : "not ok 5\n";
#print grep(/:\s+div.*y/, @code) ? "ok 6\n" : "not ok 6\n";
ok(grep(/:\s+mult.*x/, @code), "mult by x found");
ok(grep(/:\s+mult.*y/, @code), "mult by y found");
ok(grep(/:\s+hsv.*0\.8/, @code), "hsv op found");
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