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Imager-File-JPEG 0.90
- update the bundled/modified Devel::CheckLib to handle the gcc-4
symlink on Cygwin
Imager-File-JPEG 0.89
- added the jpeg_optimize parameter for writing JPEG files. This can
significantly reduce file sizes, but uses more memory and time.
Imager-File-JPEG 0.88
- correct an internal documentation error. No functional changes.
Imager-File-JPEG 0.87
- fix some mismatched format strings/types
Imager-File-JPEG 0.86
- correct 0.85 header below
- test code now reports the (compile-time) library version
Imager-File-JPEG 0.85
- avoid static variables when capturing IPTC data
- clean up .dSYM directories generated performing probes on OS X
Mountain Lion.
- pass the --verbose command-line option through to Imager::Probe in
Imager-File-JPEG 0.84
- allow compiling imexif.c with C89 compilers.
Imager-File-JPEG 0.83
- no longer fallback to using DynaLoader to load the XS code
Imager-File-JPEG 0.82
- modify to use the new buffered I/O functions instead of calling
I/O layer callbacks directly.
- handle I/O close errors properly
Imager-File-JPEG 0.81
- update the bundled (and still modified) Devel::CheckLib
- use snprintf() when imconfig.h indicates it's available
Imager-File-JPEG 0.80
- the big types cleanup
- fail writing an image that is too large for JPEG to support.
Imager-File-JPEG 0.79
- add progressive write support
- replace (imager|tony) in the doc, since I don't
plan to continue receiving mail at that address.
Imager-File-JPEG 0.78
Split off from Imager.