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draw.pod - overview of planned drawing changes


fix the processing done by the current combine modes
combine modes for most drawing operations
thick lines

combine mode fixes


  • the calculations are just wrong

  • they don't handle adapting to the target channel count

To do:

  • add a render function that calls the fill function then applies it to the target based on the combine mode.

  • modify fill functions to always produce RGBA

  • have the combine mode functions just generate the color, the render function can then alpha adjust it and apply it to the target

combine modes for drawing functions

  • write versions of each function that take a combine mode

thick lines

Two possible approaches:

  • given a polyline, generate a polygon for the entire shape - more complex, overlap problems

  • given a polyline, generate polygons for each segment, draw to a work image and use that to compose the fill - possible problems joining the segments