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/* Declares utility functions useful across various files which
aren't meant to be available externally
#ifndef IMAGEI_H_
#define IMAGEI_H_
#include "imager.h"
#include <stddef.h>
/* wrapper functions that implement the floating point sample version of a
function in terms of the 8-bit sample version
extern int i_ppixf_fp(i_img *im, i_img_dim x, i_img_dim y, const i_fcolor *pix);
extern int i_gpixf_fp(i_img *im, i_img_dim x, i_img_dim y, i_fcolor *pix);
extern i_img_dim i_plinf_fp(i_img *im, i_img_dim l, i_img_dim r, i_img_dim y, const i_fcolor *pix);
extern i_img_dim i_glinf_fp(i_img *im, i_img_dim l, i_img_dim r, i_img_dim y, i_fcolor *pix);
extern i_img_dim i_gsampf_fp(i_img *im, i_img_dim l, i_img_dim r, i_img_dim y, i_fsample_t *samp,
int const *chans, int chan_count);
/* wrapper functions that forward palette calls to the underlying image,
assuming the underlying image is the first pointer in whatever
ext_data points at
extern int i_addcolors_forward(i_img *im, const i_color *, int count);
extern int i_getcolors_forward(i_img *im, int i, i_color *, int count);
extern int i_colorcount_forward(i_img *im);
extern int i_maxcolors_forward(i_img *im);
extern int i_findcolor_forward(i_img *im, const i_color *color,
i_palidx *entry);
extern int i_setcolors_forward(i_img *im, int index, const i_color *colors,
int count);
/* fallback handler for gsamp_bits */
extern i_img_dim i_gsamp_bits_fb(i_img *im, i_img_dim x, i_img_dim r, i_img_dim y, unsigned *samp,
const int *chans, int chan_count, int bits);
#define SampleFTo16(num) ((int)((num) * 65535.0 + 0.5))
/* we add that little bit to avoid rounding issues */
#define Sample16ToF(num) ((num) / 65535.0)
#define SampleFTo8(num) ((int)((num) * 255.0 + 0.5))
#define Sample8ToF(num) ((num) / 255.0)
#define Sample16To8(num) (((num)+128) / 257)
#define Sample8To16(num) ((num) * 257)
extern void i_get_combine(int combine, i_fill_combine_f *, i_fill_combinef_f *);
#define im_min(a, b) ((a) < (b) ? (a) : (b))
#define im_max(a, b) ((a) > (b) ? (a) : (b))
#include "ext.h"
extern UTIL_table_t i_UTIL_table;
/* test if all channels are writable */
#define I_ALL_CHANNELS_WRITABLE(im) (((im)->ch_mask & 0xF) == 0xf)
typedef struct i_int_hline_seg_tag {
i_img_dim minx, x_limit;
} i_int_hline_seg;
typedef struct i_int_hline_entry_tag {
i_img_dim count;
size_t alloc;
i_int_hline_seg segs[1];
} i_int_hline_entry;
/* represents a set of horizontal line segments to be filled in later */
typedef struct i_int_hlines_tag {
i_img_dim start_y, limit_y;
i_img_dim start_x, limit_x;
i_int_hline_entry **entries;
} i_int_hlines;
extern void
i_int_hlines *hlines,
i_img_dim start_y,
i_img_dim count_y,
i_img_dim start_x,
i_img_dim width_x
extern void i_int_init_hlines_img(i_int_hlines *hlines, i_img *img);
extern void i_int_hlines_add(i_int_hlines *hlines, i_img_dim y, i_img_dim minx, i_img_dim width);
extern void i_int_hlines_destroy(i_int_hlines *hlines);
extern void i_int_hlines_fill_color(i_img *im, i_int_hlines *hlines, const i_color *val);
extern void i_int_hlines_fill_fill(i_img *im, i_int_hlines *hlines, i_fill_t *fill);
#define I_LIMIT_8(x) ((x) < 0 ? 0 : (x) > 255 ? 255 : (x))
#define I_LIMIT_DOUBLE(x) ((x) < 0.0 ? 0.0 : (x) > 1.0 ? 1.0 : (x))
#define IM_STRING(x) #x
/* I considered using assert.h here, but perl does it's own thing with
assert() and the NDEBUG test is opposite to the direction I prefer */
#ifdef IM_ASSERT
extern void im_assert_fail(char const *, int, char const *);
#define im_assert(x) ((x) ? (void)(0) : im_assert_fail(__FILE__, __LINE__, IM_STRING(x)))
#define im_assert(x) (void)(0)
i_img_dim i_minx(i_img_dim a, i_img_dim b);
i_img_dim i_maxx(i_img_dim x, i_img_dim y);
i_img_dim i_abs(i_img_dim x);
#define i_min(a, b) i_minx((a), (b))
#define i_max(a, b) i_maxx((a), (b))
#define color_to_grey(col) ((col)->rgb.r * 0.222 + (col)->rgb.g * 0.707 + (col)->rgb.b * 0.071)
#define IM_ERROR_COUNT 20
typedef struct im_context_tag {
int error_sp;
size_t error_alloc[IM_ERROR_COUNT];
i_errmsg error_stack[IM_ERROR_COUNT];
/* the log file and level for this context */
FILE *lg_file;
int log_level;
/* whether we own the lg_file, false for stderr and for cloned contexts */
int own_log;
/* values supplied by lhead */
const char *filename;
int line;
/* file size limits */
i_img_dim max_width, max_height;
size_t max_bytes;
/* per context storage */
size_t slot_alloc;
void **slots;
ptrdiff_t refcount;
} im_context_struct;
#define DEF_BYTES_LIMIT 0x40000000