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This header file defines types that Imager's typemap uses to convert to
perl types.
This is meant for use in XS code, not in normal C source.
#include "imdatatypes.h"
typedef i_color* Imager__Color;
typedef i_fcolor* Imager__Color__Float;
typedef i_img* Imager__ImgRaw;
typedef int undef_neg_int;
typedef i_img * Imager;
typedef TT_Fonthandle* Imager__Font__TT;
/* for the fill objects
Since a fill object may later have dependent images, (or fills!)
we need perl wrappers - oh well
#define IFILL_DESTROY(fill) i_fill_destroy(fill);
typedef i_fill_t* Imager__FillHandle;
typedef io_glue *Imager__IO;
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