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Imager-File-TIFF 0.83
- no longer fallback to using DynaLoader to load the XS code
Imager-File-TIFF 0.82
- modify to use the new buffered I/O functions instead of calling
I/O layer callbacks directly.
- handle I/O close errors properly
Imager-File-TIFF 0.81
- check image file limits set by set_file_limits()
- use TIFFReadDirectory() instead of TIFFSetDirectory() to step
through IFDs, since that handles IFD loops.
- update the bundled (and still modified) Devel::CheckLib
Imager-File-TIFF 0.80
- the big types cleanup
Imager-File-TIFF 0.79
- handle slightly different warning from libtiff 4.x
- replace (imager|tony) in the doc, since I don't
plan to continue receiving mail at that address.
Imager-File-TIFF 0.78
Split out from Imager.
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