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1 parent d8696a1 commit c2aa574761642d4ae624653bd616e399df4becd4 Tony Cook committed Mar 25, 2008
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@@ -19,6 +19,16 @@ Imager 0.63 - unreleased
max alpha channel, the right thing to do.
+ - re-worked most of the area filling code to use a common set of
+ functions when filling.
+ Corrected normal combine mode.
+ Rewrote most of the combine modes to match the way the SVG draft
+ defines them with respect to a translucent source and destination.
+ Added tests for translucent source and destination.
+ Added tests to check 8-bit/sample and double/sample combines work
+ similarly.
Bug fixes:
- Imager::Matrix2d->translate() now only requires one of the x or y

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