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Mar 10, 2012

  1. Tony Cook

    [rt #70388] debug mymalloc() no longer builds a string, just stores t…

    …he pointer
    The debug malloc() code would use snprintf() (or even worse,
    sprintf()) to build a string to track when the memory allocation was
    performed for later tracking.
    Now we just store the pointers, which should come from __FILE__ and
    hence be static.
    authored March 10, 2012

Aug 21, 2011

  1. Tony Cook

    [rt #69147] detect and use snprintf() more

    authored August 21, 2011

Aug 08, 2011

  1. Tony Cook

    switch to using size_t and i_img_dim strictly

    Also, use double instead of float where the value is used in
    calculating a co-ordinate, since float may not be able to represent an
    image ordinate with sufficient precision
    authored June 14, 2011

Sep 25, 2010

  1. Move freetype 2 support into its own module

    lots of other changes in support of that
    authored September 25, 2010

Sep 16, 2010

  1. move win32 font support in a new directory, and use Imager::Probe

    change i_utf8_advance to accept the working length as a size_t and
    propagate that change through anything that uses it
    authored September 16, 2010

May 05, 2008

  1. myfree_file_line no longer treats freeing a NULL pointer as an error

    authored May 05, 2008

Oct 25, 2006

  1. break out of the search loop early when we find the right utf8 code

    authored October 25, 2006

Mar 09, 2006

  1. malloc_state() no longer writes to stdout when Imager is built without

    memory debugging
    authored March 09, 2006

Feb 17, 2006

  1. - more memory allocation integer overflow auditing

    - IM_DEBUG_MALLOC wasn't interacting well with the API
    authored February 17, 2006

Jan 24, 2005

  1. - eliminate unused variables and static functions

    - simplify some XS code by adding another typemap entry
    authored January 24, 2005

Oct 25, 2004

  1. - renamed io.h to imio.h to prevent problems building under cygwin.

    - i_writegif_low() wasn't setting the returned global palette, which
      meant a rubbish palette was returned to the user (detected with valgrind)
    authored October 25, 2004

Apr 18, 2002

  1. support UTF with Freetype 1.x

    authored April 18, 2002

Apr 01, 2002

  1. hide or rename any symbols that are likely to conflict with other

    libraries or perl
    authored April 01, 2002

Mar 06, 2002

  1. merge write to gif tags updates

    authored March 06, 2002

Dec 28, 2001

  1. Added memory pools to make clean up of temporary buffers simpler.

    authored December 28, 2001

Nov 01, 2001

  1. have error.c free a non-leak when using the debug malloc

    have malloc_state() call i_clear_error() to make sure that is triggered
    authored November 01, 2001
  2. fix errors and some warnings on Win32

    authored November 01, 2001
  3. Fixed most outstanding memory leaks that are revealed in the test cases.

    gif.c, bmp.c, font.c and tga.c still need to be checked.
    authored November 01, 2001

Oct 23, 2001

  1. Cleaned up io.h, io.c which had functions not used any more, removed …

    and dated code from pnm.c.  Moved functions specific to raw images to raw.c
    from io.c
    authored October 23, 2001

Oct 22, 2001

  1. tga.c should now support reading/writing all variants of targa files.…

    … XS needs
    updating for writing targa files.  Also fixed a misplaced parenthesis in malloc
    debug code.
    authored October 22, 2001
  2. Various Changes to the memory accounting code, myrealloc() added.

    authored October 22, 2001

Sep 02, 2001

  1. an extra stipple

    expose flood_fill as a method
    add a general fill version of flood fill
    authored September 02, 2001

Sep 01, 2001

  1. support for generic fills for box and arc, with solid, hatched

    and fountain fills implemented
    authored September 01, 2001

Aug 13, 2001

  1. Egads

    Merged in the exp_represent branch
    Should have done this earlier
    authored August 13, 2001

Jun 08, 2001

  1. Switched all of jpeg to iolayer functions, removed older functions an…

    …d did some
    clean up.
    authored June 08, 2001

May 14, 2001

  1. Removed a bunch of unused variables and fixed an attempt to print out a

    structure pointer in error.c
    authored May 14, 2001
  2. Added more logging to quant.c. Removed global variables from gif.c.

    Increased the limit of table entries when debugging malloc.
    authored May 14, 2001

Mar 25, 2001

  1. Initial revision

    authored March 25, 2001
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