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Jan 27, 2006

  1. initial iolayer changes, put aside

    Tony Cook authored
  2. make iolayers branch

    Tony Cook authored
  3. - handle the possibility of strerror() returning NULL.

    Tony Cook authored

Jan 24, 2006

  1. - convert t/t07iolayer.t to Test::More

    Tony Cook authored

Jan 23, 2006

  1. - make skip when Inline::C not available less verbose

    Tony Cook authored

Jan 21, 2006

  1. - added typemap type names to types in Imager::API.

    Tony Cook authored

Jan 18, 2006

  1. - reading a raw image no longer exits on a short read or read error,

      and returns an appropriate error message in $im->errstr
    - write failures when writing a raw image now return a useful
      message in $im->errstr
    Tony Cook authored
  2. - convert t/t103raw.t to Test::More

    Tony Cook authored
  3. - error messages when writing TIFF images were always

      'Could not write to buffer', more useful messages are now reported.
    - error messages when writing PNM images were always
      'unable to write pnm image', more useful messages are now reported.
    Tony Cook authored
  4. - reword and provide an example for non-proportionally scaling an

      image.  Wording from Simon Cozens.
    Tony Cook authored

Jan 13, 2006

  1. - deal with freetype-config --cflags returning the directories

      in the wrong order (Freetype 2.1.4 and earlier)
      Thanks to David Wheeler for his help in tracking this down.
    Tony Cook authored
  2. - minor changes for older perl/ExtUtils::MM

    Tony Cook authored

Jan 12, 2006

  1. - convert dynfilt/flines.c to Imager::Filter::Flines

    Tony Cook authored

Jan 11, 2006

  1. - document Imager::Filter::Mandelbrot

    Tony Cook authored
  2. - constify the Imager API

    Tony Cook authored
  3. - added sample files missing from MANIFEST

    - added t/t92samples.t to check samples/README against MANIFEST
    - added to samples
    Tony Cook authored

Jan 10, 2006

  1. make more C89 compliant

    Tony Cook authored
  2. - start of external Imager API access:

      - rename headers to avoid conflicts:
        - image.h to imager.h
        - imagei.h to imageri.h
        - datatypes.h to imdatatypes.h
        - config.h to imconfig.h (created by Makefile.PL)
      - moved all public types defined in imager.h to imdatatypes.h
      - supply the PM parameter to WriteMakefile(), to install headers 
        under Imager/include, and the Imager typemap in Imager/typemap.
        We scan the MANIFEST for files to add to PM.
      - add "i_" prefix on some functions useful as public at the C level.
      - moved the typedefs that support the typemap from Imager.xs to 
      - set the global callbacks hook in the Imager.xs BOOT section
      - API cleanup:
        - define i_tags_set(), i_tags_setn() - we might not allow multiple 
          values for a tag in the future
        - i_copy() now returns a new image instead of doing horrible inplace
          things to an existing image
        - provide actual functions for all of the macros we define in imager.h
          so we can put them in the global callbacks structure
      - define global functions structure (imexttypes.h)
        and initialize it (imext.c)
      - add API include header with macros to setup the define and
        initialize the local callbacks pointer, and macros to call the API
      - build Imager::APIRef from C sources, including updating the sources
        to include documentation for each API function.
      - convert dyntest and mandelbrot dynfilts into XS modules (too easy)
      - simple Imager::CountColor example
    - support Inline::C :
      - typemap changes to accept Imager or Imager::ImgRaw objects as 
        image parameters
      - define Imager output type for trivial cases of returning an i_img as
        a full Imager object
      - Inline WITH hook to filter Imager XS types into types Inline::C can
        accept, supply appropriate headers and initialization.
      - test script t/t82inline.t
    - try to use XSLoader instead of DynaLoader (but fallback if necessary)
    - paste() can now paste a subset of the source image.
    - paste() now has better tests
    - paste() should now be faster for larger pastes
    Tony Cook authored

Jan 09, 2006

  1. - extra concept index entries

    - Imager::Draw - align_string()'s valign parameter was invalid in the 
    Tony Cook authored

Jan 04, 2006

  1. - don't destroy image before creating it in error handling in bmp.c

    Tony Cook authored

Dec 30, 2005

  1. - set the locale to "C" properly when testing ft1.x error messages

    Tony Cook authored
  2. - bump to 0.47

    Tony Cook authored
  3. - bump to 0.46_01 for testing

    Tony Cook authored
  4. - outputting a single space using the Freetype 1.x driver (type=>'tt')

      was producing a divide by zero error.
    Tony Cook authored
  5. - switched to subversion - changed $VERSION that was based on Revision

      tag to be manually handled.
    Tony Cook authored

Dec 19, 2005

  1. - bump version to 0.46

    Tony Cook authored
  2. think about 0.47

    Tony Cook authored
  3. - minor changes to Imager::Transformations

    Tony Cook authored

Dec 13, 2005

  1. - change the use in t/t91.pod to require version 1.00 of Test::Pod

    Tony Cook authored

Dec 12, 2005

  1. 0.45_02 commit

    Tony Cook authored
  2. more incorrect test counts on missing libs

    Tony Cook authored
  3. - some test scripts weren't fixing @INC correctly

    - t/t101jpeg.t wasn't skipping enough when there was no jpeg support
    Tony Cook authored
  4. commit META.yml

    Tony Cook authored
  5. 0.45_01 bump

    Tony Cook authored
  6. minor documentation touchups

    Tony Cook authored
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