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Oct 15, 2012

  1. Tony Cook

    ignore build products on OS X


Aug 13, 2012

  1. Tony Cook

    include stdlib.h in the mandelbrot.c dynfilt for rand()


Aug 15, 2011

  1. Tony Cook

    [rt #70126] optimize the flines filter implementations

    and modernize the tests

Aug 08, 2011

  1. Tony Cook

    switch to using size_t and i_img_dim strictly

    Also, use double instead of float where the value is used in
    calculating a co-ordinate, since float may not be able to represent an
    image ordinate with sufficient precision

Jan 10, 2011

  1. Tony Cook

    ignore build and test products


Oct 26, 2007

  1. - some sub-directory tests depended on files produced by the parent

       directory tests
    Tony Cook authored
  2. - prevent a cast to integer warning on x64 builds in datatypes.c

       also fixed some other type warnings
    Tony Cook authored

Aug 27, 2007

  1. compiler warning cleanup

    Tony Cook authored

Aug 18, 2006

  1. move the existing dynfilt test into dynfilt/t, update it to use

    Test::More and remove the dummy test script
    Tony Cook authored

Jul 24, 2006

  1. add dummy test to dynfilt to since it was confusing smoke testers

    Tony Cook authored

May 22, 2006

  1. added "kwalitee" test script:

     - currently tests all pl/pm/PL files have use strict
     - added use strict to all pl/pm/PL files with code in them
    Tony Cook authored

May 17, 2005

  1. fix broken commit

    Tony Cook authored
  2. - Imager no longer assumes that MSVC is the only native Win32

      compiler, MinGW can be used to build Imager.
    Tony Cook authored

May 11, 2005

  1. Support mingw built perl

    Tony Cook authored

Apr 26, 2005

  1. - Imager::Font::BBox objects now have right_bearing() and display_wid…

      methods.  Hopefully this and the advance_width() method fills out
      the Imager bounding box interface to a useful state.
      Implemented for FT2, FT1.x, T1Lib so far.
    Tony Cook authored

Apr 06, 2005

  1. - Makefile.PL now adds rules to generate a suitable META.yml to the

      generated Makefile.
    Tony Cook authored

Dec 16, 2004

  1. update for the other 2 cases too

    Tony Cook authored
  2. - the plugins Makefile has long produced an error after all tests were

      complete on Win32, finally tracked down why
    Tony Cook authored

Oct 28, 2001

  1. Added .exp files for exporting symbols for plugins on AIX, plugins no…

    …w work
    with no tweaking on AIX.  Also bumped the version number to 0.39pre2.
    Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson authored

May 07, 2001

  1. useful for ignoring junk from builds

    Tony Cook authored

Mar 25, 2001

  1. Initial revision

    Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson authored
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