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15:32 <anomenat> well $Config{cc} will contain 'CC/DECC', which is the right
command to use but "if -x $cc[0]" will fail 15:33 <anomenat> then "CC/DECC foo.c" will compile foo.c to foo.obj 15:37 <DrHyde> how do i pass include paths?
15:38 <anomenat> CC/DECC/INCLUDE_DIRECTORY=foo
15:39 <anomenat> I'm still trying to work out the best way to do the linking
bit though
15:40 <DrHyde> is CC/DECC/INCLUDE_DIRECTORY=foo/INCLUDE_DIRECTORY=bar valid? 15:41 <anomenat> yes
15:41 <DrHyde> hurrah!
15:41 <anomenat> I'm still trying to work out the best way to do linking though
16:17 <anomenat> well, buggered if I can find a standard place to put libraries
on VMS. There probably is one but my VMS skills are too weak.
16:17 <anomenat> anyway, the command is just "LINK foo.obj, bar.obj" where foo
is the previously compiled foo.c and bar is the library whose
presence you are testing for
16:18 <anomenat> but it won't be very portable because "bar.obj" needs to be a
proper path, unless it is a system library
16:26 <DrHyde> that's a good start, so thanks!
16:34 <anomenat> no problem. incidentally, VMS command line options can be
shortened to their shortest unambiguous form, and so
/include_directory can actually just be /inc
16:50 <anomenat> OK, it looks like SYS$LIBRARY is the VMS sort-of-equivalent of
/usr/lib on Linux
16:52 <anomenat> thus "LINK foo.obj, sys$library:vaxcrtl/share" links foo.obj
with the shared library vaxctrl
16:54 <anomenat> and "LINK foo.obj, sys$library:ucx$ipc/library" links foo.obj
with the static library ucx$ipc
16:54 <anomenat> also, "link/exe=bar.exe foo.obj" links foo.obj to create an
executable called bar.exe