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An assistant Slack bot for the November Project community.
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Karl is our custom Slack assistant. He knows a few tricks now but can learn how to do many things. If you have ideas, talk to Tony (Karl’s teacher).

What he can do

Cheat Sheet

  • Track Attendance: /attendance 67
  • Track Attendance with Date: /attendance 67 12/5/2018
  • Show 30 day averages: /attendance
  • Show X day averages: /attendance stats X

Attendance Tracking

Karl can track your workout attendance. I know numbers are not everything but they are one metric you could track if you’d like. To do this, simply type /attendance #, where # is the number of people who attended the workout. Make sure to type this in your city’s specific Slack Channel. Karl saves data based on the channel so if you type it in a different channel, those numbers will be lost from your data.

Karl will associate the number you type with the day you enter it. So Wednesday after the workout, track your attendance then! If you forget and it’s Thursday, entering that command will track it for Thursday which will be lost. You can specify the date for this head count just after the head count, like so /attendance 67 12/5/2018. Acceptable date formats are 12/5/2018, 12-5-2018, 12/5, and 12-5. Note that the month is first, then the day (sorry everywhere that isn't the US). Also, if you do not specify a year, it will assume the current year so be aware of that when the year changes and you're trying to change a previous day.

Karl will overwrite successive entries. If you enter /attendance 142 but then realize you actually only had 50 people show up, no problem! Enter, /attendance 50 and Karl will overwrite the previous entry for that day.

Great! So now Karl is tracking data for you. How can you check it out? Simply type /attendance and hit enter. Karl will give you your 30 day averages and a fun chart. Want more? Type /attendance stats 60, and Karl will give you your last 60 day averages. You can replace 60 with any number.


Karl Tracking

Karl Stats


This is the early beginnings of Karl. He's just a boy, but has so much potential. Reach out to me with any ideas you have. If you find a bug or something isn't working as expected, also contact me or post an issue here on Github.

One potential idea (to get your juices flowing) is to allow a date to be passed in when recording a stat. This way, you could still add numbers from previous days. If this is something people end up wanting, I can add it.


If you'd like to contribute to Karl's capabilities, follow these instructions to get Karl setup on your computer. These instructions are for people with Macs. Sorry Windows and Linux folk!


Assuming a basic knowledge of programming and setting up a programming environment on your laptop.

First, clone the repo, git clone

Before you install the dependencies, you'll need to install Cairo which is needed for rendering the charts. At time of writing, this project uses version 1.16.0. Via Homebrew brew install cairo.

Now you can install the other dependencies, yarn install or npm install.

This project uses PostgreSQL, so make sure that's running and create the database by executing createdb karl_db. Then run npx db-migrate up to setup the database.

To run the server, execute yarn dev. This will run the API and watch for file changes so it can reload as you work.


Since this API is meant to interact with Slack, you'll have to imitate what Slack is doing. You can use a program like Postman or cURL to make requests. I recommend Postman because it will render the chart images which is super useful.

When a person types the /attendance command into Slack, a POST request is sent to /slash with body data like this:

  "token": "sdkjfhsdkjfh",
  "command": "/attendance",
  "channel_id": "sf",
  "text": "stats 100",
  "user_id": "Tony"

Parsing the command and text is how most of the magic happens. Karl also uses channel_id for storing data separate from other channels.

Karl can then respond according to the Slack message guidelines. To read more about how slash commands work with Slack, check this out.


Karl is Copyright (c) 2018 Anthony DiPasquale. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

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