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Fix JavaScript error on combined files by adding a semicolon at the end of every combined JavaScript file.

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JS/CSS Asset management library for CodeIgniter

Note: This project is not in active development. I'm happy to merge pull requests, assuming they make sense and work. Also, tests are a bonus.

Carabiner manages javascript and CSS assets. It will react differently depending on whether it is in a production or development environment. In a production environment, it will combine, minify, and cache assets. (As files are changed, new cache files will be generated.) In a development environment, it will simply include references to the original assets.

Carabiner requires the JSMin and CSSMin libraries included. You don't need to load them unless you'll be using them elsewhise. Carabiner will load them automatically as needed.

Notes: Carabiner does not implement GZIP encoding, because I think that the web server should handle that. If you need GZIP in an Asset Library, AssetLibPro does it. I've also chosen not to implement any kind of javascript obfuscation (like packer), because of the client-side decompression overhead. More about this idea from John Resig. However, that's not to say you can't do it. You can easily provide a production version of a script that is packed. However, note that combining a packed script with minified scripts could cause problems. In that case, you can flag it to be not combined.

Carabiner is inspired by Minify by Steve Clay, PHP Combine by Niels Leenheer and (AssetLibPro)( by Vincent Esche, among other things.

Read the top of the main library file for usage guidelines.

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