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Yii Framework Library to interact with Nexmo Mobile Message Provider's Restful API

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ENexmo Library 1.0.1 Manual

ENexmo Library allows Yii programmers to use the Restful API offered by Mobile Messaging provider Nexmo.

Nexmo is a cloud-based SMS API that lets you send and receive high volume of messages at wholesale rates.


Quick Start

Once you have created your Nexmo account and include ENexmo library and EHttpClient on the extension folder is as easy as this:

/* import extensions before any call */

/* to send a message */
$nexmo_sms = new ENexmoSms('YOURAPIKEY','YOURAPISECRET');

$response = $nexmo_sms->sendTextMessage('RECIPIENTSNUMBER','SENDERID','Howdy testing! Please, search on');

/* responses are on JSON or XML. Defaults to JSON, but you can change that */
/* we use CHtml::encode for demo purposes only, to check for responses */
echo CHtml::encode($response);

/* to make requests for account */
$nexmo_account = new ENexmoAccount('key','secret');
$nexmo_account->format = ENexmoBase::FORMAT_JSON;

/* to search for a message */
echo CHtml::encode($nexmo_account->searchMessage('09AFDA98'));
//echo CHtml::encode($nexmo_account->searchMessagesByIds(array('09AFCC5B','09AFDA98')));
//echo CHtml::encode($nexmo_account->searchMessagesByDateAndRecipient('2012-03-20','34607040932'));
//echo CHtml::encode($nexmo_account->balance);
//echo CHtml::encode($nexmo_account->ownNumbers);
//echo CHtml::encode($nexmo_account->getSmsPricing('ES'));

Please check Nexmo API Documentation Nexmo API Documentation

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