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# This file is used to fix authors email addresses in old svn commit history
# See git docs for details:
Qiang Xue <> qiang.xue <qiang.xue@c7f931c7-7552-0410-b027-2fb3d89d9100>
Qiang Xue <> <>
Alexander Makarov <> <>
Alexander Makarov <> alexander.makarow <alexander.makarow@c7f931c7-7552-0410-b027-2fb3d89d9100>
Maurizio Domba <> <>
Maurizio Domba <> mdomba <mdomba@c7f931c7-7552-0410-b027-2fb3d89d9100>
kidol <> <>
Sebastián Thierer <> sebathi <sebathi@c7f931c7-7552-0410-b027-2fb3d89d9100>
Mike Haertl <> haertl.mike <haertl.mike@c7f931c7-7552-0410-b027-2fb3d89d9100>
Jeff <> <>
Jeff <> jefftulsa <jefftulsa@c7f931c7-7552-0410-b027-2fb3d89d9100>
Wei Zhuo <> weizhuo <weizhuo@c7f931c7-7552-0410-b027-2fb3d89d9100>
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