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A self-documenting build automation tool
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What is it?

Sake is a way to easily design, share, build, and visualize workflows with intricate interdependencies. Sake is self-documenting because the instructions for building a project also serve as the documentation of the project's workflow. The first time it's run, sake will build all of the components of a project in an order that automatically satisfies all dependencies. For all subsequent runs, sake will only rebuild the parts of the project that depend on changed files. This cuts down on unnecessary re-building and lets the user concentrate on their work rather than memorizing the order in which commands have to be run.

Sake is free, open source cross-platform software under a very permissive license (MIT Expat) and is written in Python. Sake is in the beta stage of development.


To see an example, check out this project's webpage


This projects depends on

  • Python 2.7, or above 3.2 (including 3.6!)
  • The networkx python module
  • the PyYAML python module
  • Graphviz

Assuming you have python and easy_install installed, just run

[sudo] easy_install pip
[sudo] pip install master-sake

More detailed instructions for installation, including platform specific directions, are available at this project's webpage.

How do I use it

Again, check out this project's webpage for more detailed information

Support or Contact

If you're having trouble using sake; have a question; or want to contribute, please email me at

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