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chef cookbook for generating AWS CloudWatch Metrics
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AWS CloudWatch metric publisher which runs from cron, you provide a script to gather the metric (collectors). Pair the collector up with a metric_maker resource call after installing.


  • ruby

Supported Platforms

Tested on:

  • Amazon Linux 2018
  • Ubuntu 16


Key Type Description Default
['metric_mater']['root'] String Path to base directory for metric maker to be installed /opt/metric_maker
['metric_maker']['interval'] Number Minute interval to run 1
['metric_maker']['region_override'] String Set the region not on EC2 instance with meta-data or would rather send metrics to a different region than that of the EC2 instance. (auto)


Simply include the metric_maker recipe to install the cron script, such as a run list of recipe[metric_maker] or a cookbook include_recipe 'metric_maker'.

To include with Berksfile use:

cookbook 'metric_maker', git: ''

And metadata use:

depends 'metric_maker', '~> 0.3.2'

Built in metric resources

There are are a few built in resource collectors. These resources include metric_maker_disk, metric_maker_cpu, metric_maker_free_mem. Here's an example of metric_maker_disk:

Root Disk Utilization Example

metric_maker_disk 'root_disk' do
  namespace 'prod'
  dimensions [
    {role: 'web-app'},
    {ip: ''}

Each of the built ins support the following (replace metric_maker_resource with one of the above)

metric_maker_resource 'name' do
 namespace                   String
 dimensions                  Array # list of {Key, Value} String pairs
 publish_with_no_dimension   True, False # default False

Example collector files/default/wave.rb:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

puts (Math.sin( * 3 * 0.0174533) * 100).round(2)

Example metric_maker resource

metric_maker 'heart_beat' do
  namespace 'env'
  script 'wave.rb'
  unit 'Count'
  dimensions [
    {role: 'app-name'}
    {instance_id: instance_id}
  publish_with_no_dimension true

Full syntax for metric_maker

metric_maker 'name' do
 metric_name                 String # defaults to name
 namespace                   String # required
 dimensions                  Array # list of {Key, Value} String pairs default is []
 publish_with_no_dimension   True, False # default False
 script_content              String # use this for inline script collector definitions - first line should include the interpreter required if script not defined
 script_cookbook             String # if using script type you can define from which cookbook to read the cookbook_file from default is nil not required
 script                      cookbook_file String # use this for target your collector file - first line should include the interpreter. Required if not defining script_content
 unit                        String # default Count one of the following: ["Seconds", "Microseconds", "Milliseconds", "Bytes", "Kilobytes", "Megabytes", "Gigabytes", "Terabytes", "Bits", "Kilobits", "Megabits", "Gigabits", "Terabits", "Percent", "Count", "Bytes/Second", "Kilobytes/Second", "Megabytes/Second", "Gigabytes/Second", "Terabytes/Second", "Bits/Second", "Kilobits/Second", "Megabits/Second", "Gigabits/Second", "Terabits/Second", "Count/Second"]
 action                      Symbol # default :create [:create, :install]

Resource Helpers

insatnce_id is a function defined to return the an EC2 instance ID from meta-data

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