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Sometimes, the alerter appears again after you click accept or
reject. I'm not sure why. I've worked around it in a couple of ways
for now.
Strings like NO CARRIER in an SMS can confuse the modem_server
parser. A better way of dealing with partials and unsoliciteds is
Make startup sequence more robust: e.g. if sms_manager crashes, when
it restarts, it won't get the registered_with_network event, since
that's already been broadcast. Similarly, if callmanager_gui is
restarted after the phone is already registered to a network, it won't
display the network name, since the event has already passed it by.
GUI for addressbook entry creation/deletion/update
SMS receive, send GUI
Sound support
- avoid shell-out to gst-launch
- good internal control of multiplexing
- use a gstreamer node?
Volume control
Brightness control
GPRS connection
Information on phone status
- battery levels - DONE, except needs to detect when charger comes and goes
- bluetooth on/off
- gsm on/off
- gprs on/off
- clock, date
Alarm clock
Ability to press a key during a call and have DTMF-equivalent sent over the line. - DONE
Information on phone status
- registered to network? and if so, which? - DONE
Power management
- brightness on screen - dim, then switch off - DONE
Touchscreen lock - partially DONE, still clunky because of missing gtknode features
- use a event-grabbing window?
- AUX key plus on-screen buttons to release lock?
SMS receive, send functionality - DONE
If it starts only when you run it over ssh, ie. over a real network
connection, then make sure fic-gta01 is in your /etc/hosts. You can
confirm that this might be the problem by running "erl -sname foo"
from a terminal window. If it hangs, perhaps a missing entry in
/etc/hosts is to blame.