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Please review my commit which fixing the following situation: script is crashing in case of pequest->params is missing.


Why do you want this change? Wouldn't it be just as easy to pass in [] where required instead of undefined?

This 'undefined' is provided by rfc4627_jsonrpc_http:parse_jsonrpc/5 when no params are specified in POST request:
We may fix it there then.


Hmm, interesting. Reading the 1.1 JSON-RPC spec, it's hard to know what to do. So first off, I think you're right to fix it in rfc4627_jsonrpc_http:parse_jsonrpc/5, but the question then becomes: what should be done? My guess is that absent parameters should be treated like [], exactly as you suggested in this commit. The spec says that params is optional, but then says that if it has a value other than an array or object, the server must reject the request with an error, which seems a bit contradictory.

Let's then support parameterless invocations. Fixed in mrspark/erlang-rfc4627@0080fdd


Thanks! Applied.


By the way, thank you for the changes! Most appreciated. I've merged the last two from this list; if you'd like to argue for the first one ("fixing empty params error"), please open another pull request with it. Thanks again.

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