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How to (re)build the Javascript from the C sources

You will not need to do this for a fresh checkout, since the project policy is to include the generated javascript as a checked-in file.


  • Python 2.x
  • a recent Emscripten SDK
  • Node.js and npm to run the mocha-based tests

Within the js-nacl directory,


Follow the instructions from the Emscripten tutorial to get Emscripten ready to run.

Once emcc is on your $PATH somewhere, use the js-nacl Makefile.

To rebuild everything:

make veryclean all

This will completely remove any compilation products, and recompile everything.

Other Makefile targets:

  • make or make test: builds the library if necessary and then runs the test suite using node.js.

  • make clean: removes generated Javascript, but does not remove the unpacked and pre-processed libsodium tarball contents.

  • make veryclean: as make clean, but also removes the contents of the libsodium tarball.

  • make all: performs all the build steps.

If you for some reason need to use a different python than python, set the PYTHON makefile variable; for example,

make PYTHON=python2.7

Similarly, set EMCC to the path to your emcc binary if it's not on your $PATH.

Serves three

The build products, Javascript for use in the browser and in node.js, will be in lib/*.