Kali is Kelsey and Rees's distributed Scheme implementation based on Scheme48
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Copyright (c) 1993, 1994, 1995 Richard Kelsey and Jonathan Rees.
Copyright (c) 1996 by NEC Research Institute, Inc.    See file COPYING.

Please report bugs to scheme-48-bugs@martigny.ai.mit.edu, and include
the version number in your message.

Installation instructions in file INSTALL.

A user's guide is in file doc/user-guide.txt.

Recent changes are listed in file doc/news.txt.

Known bugs and things to do in the future are listed in doc/todo.txt.

Send mail to scheme-48-request@martigny.ai.mit.edu to be put on a
mailing list for announcements, discussion, bug reports, and bug


When running "make", don't worry if the ".notify" target fails.  Its
only purpose is to send an email message to
scheme-48-notifications@martigny.ai.mit.edu, so that we can get a
rough idea of how much Scheme 48 is being used and by whom.  We
promise not to use your name or email address for any commercial
purpose.  If you don't want us to know, just do "make -t .notify"
first (after running "configure").

The Scheme 48 root directory is organized as follows (not all files are
listed here):

    README		this file
    INSTALL		installation instructions
    COPYING		copyright notice
    configure		configuration script
    Makefile.in		input to configure
    doc/		some documentation
      scheme48.man	a Unix-style manual page
      user-guide.txt	general guide to using Scheme 48
      todo.txt		list of improvements we hope to make someday
      news.txt		list of improvements we have already made
      module.ps		description of Scheme 48's module system
      big-scheme.txt	extensions to Scheme
      threads.txt	multiprocessing
      io.txt		how the I/O system works
    scheme/		scheme source files
      packages.scm	meta-module definitions
      interfaces.scm	system interface definitions
      more-interfaces.scm system interface definitions
      *-packages.scm	module definitions
      bcomp/		the byte-code compiler
      vm/		virtual machine sources (written in Pre-Scheme)
      rts/		run-time system sources
      link/		static linker
      env/		development environment modules (debugger, etc.)
      big/		useful Scheme libraries and extensions ("Big Scheme")
      alt/		portable implementations of some Scheme 48 features
      opt/		optional code optimizer for the byte-code compiler
      prescheme/	code for running the VM using Scheme 48
      debug/		debugging utilities, tests, etc.
      misc/		very miscellaneous things (e.g. AMB operator)
      kali/		address spaces and communication protocol (Kali code)
    ps-compiler/	Pre-Scheme -> C compiler
    c/			c source files
      sysdep.h.in	input to configure
      scheme48vm.c	most of the VM (generated by Pre-Scheme compiler)
      scheme48vm.h	extern declarations for scheme48vm.c
      scheme48heap.c    storage management (generated by Pre-Scheme compiler)
      scheme48heap.h	extern declarations for scheme48heap.c
      main.c		entry point for the VM
      prescheme.h	part of the VM
      extension.c       default definition of vm_extension()
      scheme48.h	C declarations and macros for Scheme 48 data structures
      event.h		header file for OS interface
      fd-io.h		ditto
      socket.h		ditto
      unix/             Unix-specific source files
      fake/		C files for insufficiently Posix compliant systems
    build/		code for building the system
      filenames.make	included by Makefile, generated automatically
      filenames.scm	code for generating filenames.make
      initial.image	an image file containing a minimal Scheme system
      initial.debug	debugging database for same
      initial.scm	script for creating initial.image
      build-usual-image	script for creating scheme48.image
    emacs/		gnu emacs support