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Microblogging using RabbitMQ and ejabberd
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Rabbiter is an ejabberd module providing a bot - rabbiter@rabbiter.DOMAIN, by default - which provides a microblogging service when you add it to your roster. It builds upon RabbitMQ and ejabberd.

Compiling and Running Rabbiter

Get ejabberd sources:

svn co ejabberd

Get, and install, RabbitMQ:

hg clone
hg clone
make -C rabbitmq-server

Symlink the rabbitmq-server directory so it is available at your lib/erlang directory:

ln -s rabbitmq-server /usr/lib/erlang/lib/rabbitmq_server
# (note underscore instead of hyphen)
# for macports users
ln -s rabbitmq-server /opt/local/lib/erlang/lib/rabbitmq_server

Get rabbiter sources from Github.

Symlink mod_rabbiter.erl into ejabberd/src/.

Build ejabberd using the traditional configure, make, make install.

Add a mod_rabbiter stanza to ejabberd.cfg:

  {mod_rabbiter, []},

Finally, start ejabberd.

If you configured ejabberd to serve DOMAIN, and you didn't supply any special domain for the rabbiter module, you can now add rabbiter@rabbiter.DOMAIN to your roster. It ought to send you a welcome message.

If you want rabbiter@someother.domain, change the ejabberd.cfg stanza for rabbiter to {mod_rabbiter, [{host, "someother.domain"}]}.

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