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-export([init/1, handle_call/3, handle_cast/2, handle_info/2, terminate/2, code_change/3]).
-record(state, {subscription, q_monitor_ref, consumer_tag}).
init([Lease = #rabbithub_lease{subscription = Subscription}]) ->
process_flag(trap_exit, true),
case rabbithub_subscription:register_subscription_pid(Lease, self(), ?MODULE) of
ok ->
expired ->
{stop, normal};
duplicate ->
{stop, normal}
really_init(Subscription = #rabbithub_subscription{resource = Resource}) ->
case rabbit_amqqueue:lookup(Resource) of
{ok, Q = #amqqueue{pid = QPid}} ->
ConsumerTag = rabbit_guid:binary(rabbit_guid:gen(), "amq.http.consumer"),
MonRef = erlang:monitor(process, QPid),
%% Note that prefetch count is set to 1. This will likely have some impact
%% on performance; however this is an internal consumer and HTTP POST
%% operations will invariably be the rate-limiting step. Setting prefetch
%% count to 1 allows better control over HTTP error handling.
rabbit_amqqueue:basic_consume(Q, false, self(), undefined, false, 1,
ConsumerTag, false, [], undefined),
{ok, #state{subscription = Subscription,
q_monitor_ref = MonRef,
consumer_tag = ConsumerTag}};
{error, not_found} ->
ok = rabbithub:error_and_unsub(Subscription,
{rabbithub_consumer, queue_not_found, Subscription}),
{stop, not_found}
handle_call(Request, _From, State) ->
{stop, {unhandled_call, Request}, State}.
handle_cast({deliver, _ConsumerTag, AckRequired,
{_QNameResource, QPid, MsgId, Redelivered, BasicMessage}},
State = #state{subscription = Subscription}) ->
case rabbithub:deliver_via_post(Subscription,
[{"X-AMQP-Redelivered", atom_to_list(Redelivered)}]) of
{ok, _} ->
ok = rabbit_amqqueue:notify_sent(QPid, self()),
case AckRequired of
true ->
ok = rabbit_amqqueue:ack(QPid, [MsgId], self());
false ->
{error, Reason, Content} ->
case is_integer(Reason) of
true ->
%% If requeue_on_http_post_error is set to false then messages associated with
%% failed HTTP POSTs will be dropped or published to a dead letter exchange (if
%% one is associated with the subscription queue in question). Note
%% that this ties in with setting the prefetch count to 1 (see above), which
%% ensures that at most 2 messages will be rejected per error before the
%% subscription gets deleted and the consumer processes is terminated. This
%% setting is primarily intended for debugging purposes. For example, bad data
%% might cause the receiving web application to break. By using this setting
%% in conjunction with a dead letter exchange (and queue) it is possible to
%% capture the offending messages, rather than have them end up back on the
%% subscription queue and getting stuck in some sort of error loop.
case application:get_env(rabbithub, requeue_on_http_post_error) of
{ok, false} ->
ok = rabbit_amqqueue:notify_sent(QPid, self()),
case AckRequired of
true ->
ok = rabbit_amqqueue:reject(QPid, false, [MsgId], self());
false ->
_ ->
false ->
ok = rabbithub:error_and_unsub(Subscription,
{rabbithub_consumer, http_post_failure, Reason, Content})
{noreply, State};
handle_cast(shutdown, State) ->
{stop, normal, State};
handle_cast(Request, State) ->
{stop, {unhandled_cast, Request}, State}.
handle_info(Request, State) ->
{stop, {unhandled_info, Request}, State}.
terminate(_Reason, _State = #state{subscription = Subscription}) ->
rabbit_log:info("RabbitHub stopping consumer, ~p~n~p~n", [_Reason, _State]),
ok = rabbithub_subscription:erase_subscription_pid(Subscription),
code_change(_OldVsn, State, _Extra) ->
{ok, State}.