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This is a framework under development. It's not ment to be used in production anywhere.


The goal is to create a fully functional PHP framework that helps out where it's needed without being in onces way. It will take care of things like database connections, sorting, filtering, searching, pagination, form validation and such. It's important that all extra features that is developed for this framework are modules that can be included or excluded without hussle.

For who?

This framework isn't for everyone. I don't want to fall in to the idea that the framework should do everything, and become cluttered and slow. Instead I want a simple and clean framework that really makes development easier. If you are anything like me, you will find opusframe kind of awesome - but in many cases you may want to consider another framework.

PHP nowdays?

Well, sometimes you have to. Because of customers and old web hotels. The best thing about PHP is that it's fast to develop in. And this framework makes it even faster.

Setup demo

  1. Create database 'opusframe', and import ./opusframe.sql to this DB.
  2. Change ./config.php to work with your new DB.
  3. Logon to site with your URL and the user "test" with password "Test123!". Or create your own.

Basic CRUD with image upload should work fine.