JS/Coffeescript #GGO12 game about branching and manipulating the past.
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LOL this is a working name. I've only just got excited about the idea and don't know if it will work or i can do it yet! Working on blogging about progress here: http://tonyhb.co.uk/category/ggo12/


You’re an alien with the rare ability to manipulate time, to go back up to a minute in your past and live as a clone from a point you choose. It’s served you well… You’ve managed to use it for good (mainly), and it’s got you out of trouble too many times to count. You’ve lived for hundreds of years because of the gift.

Others catch on, though, and you’re soon put to the test. You wake up in a light room, not knowing how you got there and not able to go far back enough to escape. The only way out is to use your ability and escape from the facility.


At the moment the game's planned to be similar to Portal mixed with survivability aspects of Amnesia – no weapons, purely distraction and running away from anything that may attack you.

Creating clones will be relatively simple (hopefully). You’ll press Shift-Num to jump back in time – Shift-1 for 10 seconds, Shift-2 for 20 seconds etc. At this point the game will replay and the camera will be behind whichever branch you’re viewing (you will be able to switch branches). At any point you’ll be able to clone the branch you’re on with a spacebar/return key and resume playing from the new branch. When branches die they dissipate into a small, black smoke cloud then vanish.

It’s going to be a very dark game for the most part – at least, once you’re outside of the small testing facility. The screen will have some amount of vignetting and a lot of shadows, maybe with a bit of heavy rain style bought in to give it some atmosphere.

A couple of sketches:

A lot to do!