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Sample GUI for ChannelsCC
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What Channels CC is?

Instant payment mechanism, designing as secured by POW. Imho much more better than Lighting Network.

More information can be found here: And here:

What this tool do?

This tool is a graphical implementation of some ChannelsCC RPC calls.

At the moment it's a prototype / mock so I didn't care about UI beauty at all.

alt text


Developer installation. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 (assuming python 3.6+ is installed by default) And Komodo daemon was built from FSM branch of

Pre-built packages are under development.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kivy-team/kivy
sudo apt-get install python3-pip libssl-dev cython3 libgl-dev git python3-kivy
pip3 install requests wheel python-bitcoinlib slick-bitcoinrpc pygame
git clone
cd ChannelsCC-GUI

RPC Connection

  • In case of localhost daemon usage use as RPC address. Username, password and port can be found in .conf file for desired asset chain

  • If you want to use remote host for RPC connection you need to add your IP as rpcallowip= param to desired asset chain daemon config

alt text

Implemented calls

  • channelsopen (Use the "Open new channel" button on the main screen)

  • channelspayment (Use the "Make a payment" button on the main screen to go to payment screen)

  • channelsclose - Implementation in progress (with separation of list of channels to opened and closed)

  • channelsrefund - Implementation in progress

  • channelsinfo (Using in many places e.g. right part of main page)

  • channelslist (left part of main page)

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