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Dependency Injection Without the Gymnastics

To get started, perform the following:

  • Rename docbook-document.iml to yourproject.iml
  • Edit .idea/modules.xml and change to yourproject.iml
  • Edit bin/pdfx and change to yourproject
  • Edit bin/allx and change to yourproject
  • Edit .ghci and change to yourproject
  • Edit Build.hs and change to yourproject
  • Edit README.markdown for notes specific to your project.

Setting up

  • The following executables must the available on the PATH

    • java
    • rsync
    • wget
    • xsltproc
    • aspell
    • xmllint
    • tar
  • The following packages must be installed from Haskell hackage

    • FilePather
    • MissingH
  • Docbook 4.5 catalog files must be installed

Ubuntu/Debian shortcut for setting up

Run this command to get started:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk ghc6 cabal-install rsync wget xsltproc docbook-xml aspell libxml2-utils tar && cabal update && cabal install cabal-install && cabal install FilePather && cabal install MissingH

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