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A program to play blackjack any number of times. Used to gather data on optimal blackjack play.
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Made by Tony Pallone

I want to see if I played blackjack about how often I would win depending upon where my limit for hitting was placed. The dealer has to be set at 16 because thats how the house is forced to play but every other player including yours can be set to have a limit. I plan on having some form of card counting AI as well later one after I do the main features first.

There is now a fully playable version of blackjack available in the command line.

As a future update I plan on taking the information from wizard of odds on ideal blackjack play (of which they use actual statistics rather than the simple "what number to hit on" that I do) and I'd like to compare the percentage increased in wins based off using their guide over using basic optimal blackjack play.
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