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Allows an ESP32 to connect to a saved wifi or start an access point where you can connect to existing wifis
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What is esp32-wifi-manager?

esp32-wifi-manager is an esp32 program that enables easy management of wifi networks through a web application.

esp32-wifi-manager is lightweight (8KB of task stack in total) and barely uses any CPU power through a completely event driven architecture. It's an all in one wifi scanner, http server & dns daemon living in the least amount of RAM possible.

For real time constrained applications, esp32-wifi-manager can live entirely on PRO CPU, leaving the entire APP CPU untouched for your own needs.

esp32-wifi-manager will automatically attempt to re-connect to a previously saved network on boot, and it will start its own wifi access point through which you can manage wifi networks.

esp32-wifi-manager is an esp-idf project that compiles successfully with the esp-idf 3.0 WiP release. You can simply copy the project and start adding your own code to it.


esp32-wifi-manager demo

Look and Feel

esp32-wifi-manager on an mobile device esp32-wifi-manager on an mobile device


esp32-wifi-manager is MIT licensed. As such, it can be included in any project. Please make sure to read the license file.

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